Maybelle in mischief / marmalade / matt black in the shop…

I’ve got something very different planned for this Maybelle bag… it also involves mischief pink! On a roll of colour loving fun today :)

Lazy Saturday morning! Only just on the second cup of tea. Better get up and get some work done. Happy Saturday x

Lots of marking and snipping for the July orders has begun. Blue skies out there today :)

Lots of pink roses here at home. They are my favourite! They always seem to smell so good too.
Whats your’s?

Cutting out the pattern. ..

I’ve finished work for the day! Time to finally make myself a pinapron pattern! Yep, I just made that up :)
I shall use a basic apron as the base and start drafting on my brown paper. Pleats in the front for fullness and a bit of an A line cut at the sides. BIG patch pockets because I likes my pockets so much!
Love sewing at the weekend x

This is the shocking effect that Ikea can have on a person after just one hour…

Goodness… all the way from home to bristol with middlest. Interview with the Bristol college of Art to enter in September to study textiles. Fingers crossed for her x
Ps. Sat in the car knitting… :)

Once I’ve stitched my ends in neatly these wonderful merino blend INKCAP hats will be added to the shop. I’m hat making in earnest of an evening now :) it feels such a relief to have a break from blanket making!