A gift for a new Mother to be x

Fairysteps studio shot. DUST purses ready for the shop.

A big bowl of porridge for lunch. Scrump.

A little light music while I happily snip away at my work table :)

Festival dress finushed :)

Apparently there is a black and white theme on one day so… enter £8 sale dress. Pile of black scraps on the table and off I go! Sadly no black cotton for the bottom ruffle, just some horrid poly lining. It will have to do! This dress makes my eyes go funny so wish me luck!
After this one I have an old black velvet jumble sale blazer to attack… hope everyone is keeping busy too :)

The really bright orange (actually hurts your eyes) and that blue… ughhh! Much nicer now. Will share pictures when its dry. One outfit is complete… onto next.