A little light music while I happily snip away at my work table :)

Festival dress finushed :)

Apparently there is a black and white theme on one day so… enter £8 sale dress. Pile of black scraps on the table and off I go! Sadly no black cotton for the bottom ruffle, just some horrid poly lining. It will have to do! This dress makes my eyes go funny so wish me luck!
After this one I have an old black velvet jumble sale blazer to attack… hope everyone is keeping busy too :)

The really bright orange (actually hurts your eyes) and that blue… ughhh! Much nicer now. Will share pictures when its dry. One outfit is complete… onto next.

Festival prepping! Chopped off bottom of wide long trousers to turn them into bloomers, then sewed trouser bottoms onto skirt with two rows of tiny trim too.
Its in the washing machine dyeing now… toned right down with one teaspoon of black dye :)

I am hatching a plan… O dear, I hear Mr F cry. Thats always dangerous when that happens… 
I am going to sell my Morris Traveller and invest the money from the sale in getting my old 1959 (I know he’s ancient) Morris 1000 back on the road. Sadly we parked him down the woods for several years before moving him into one of the barns  Poor Morris, He has not faired well. Interior is now ruined so new carpets and reupholstered seats will be needed. Body work looks bad, because it is bad. Lots of rot pretty much everywhere. But, Mr F reconditioned the gutsy engine on him shortly before I took him off the road, which was about 17 years ago now, and the super boosted brakes meant I could stop on a sixpence instead of having to give 2 weeks notice before stopping.
I cant tell you how excited I am. I love this car, I mean, I truly love this car. I bought it when I was 17 years old and when the prams and babies wouldnt fit in him I couldnt bear to sell him, so Ive been declaring SORN each year to keep the registration number.
New colours I think instead of the old dark blue. I fancy something really quite bright, like turquoisey teal with red leather interior. Ooooo. Or failing that its going to be Cadbury’s purple. I may not be able to eat chocolate anymore but I can jolly well drive it 
What was your first car I wonder?

Finally getting into the pile of bags on my worktable. Look out for this and others very soon :)

Isn’t it funny how everyday things look so different through a camera lens. ..

Some quick summer sandals in greenwood. Not available for sale I’m afraid ;)
Just for me!